About Us

Three Decades of Quality and Kashrus

As one of the first to bring STAM to the mass market, Hasofer has earned a reputation for providing fast service while remaining committed to the highest levels of Hiddur and quality.

Our Sofrim are dedicated, detail oriented, and highly trained the Halachos of writing STAM. Each Sofer is vetted thoroughly before joining our team, and after meeting the Hasofer standards, we train them into our unique style of quality and Kashrus.

We stock products in store for fast ordering and same-day shipping to your destination across the US and Canada. Our STAM items can be purchased retail for your home, or wholesale by a community or Shul rabbi or local leader.

All our products can be custom ordered, so that even the most sophisticated clients can be assured of recieving a product that meets their standards.

Browse our online store today to quickly purchase Mezzuzahs, Mezzuzah cases, Taleisim, Tzitzis and more. Contact us for custom orders and we will be happy to assist.